ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminates)

The Multilayer Laminated Tubes (Lami tube) made from laminates with aluminium foil barrier combine the excellent barrier advantages of traditional metal tubes & the attractive visual and tactile feel of the plastic tubes.

The ABL tubes give good “collapsible” effect which is desirable where precise dispensing of the product is required. Today, ABL tubes are not only used for toothpaste applications, but also increasingly for cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and household and industrial applications.

YURVIE is Equipped to produce ABL tubes ranging from minimum 175/12 structure to maximum 280 / 20 structure.Laminate is a product made by bonding together two or more materials, whether plastic or aluminium foil. Laminates assemble materials with individually desirable properties to create an optimum combination. Aluminium foil possesses the best barrier properties and preserves products from light, oxygen & moisture.